Tax Collectors

Real Estate Tax Collector

Andrea L. Vonada
Mailing Address:
 P.O. Box 101, Aaronsburg, PA 16820
NEW Street Address: 129 N Rachels Way, Aaronsburg, PA 16820

Phone: 814-531-8085

Office Hours change each billing cycle and are printed in the upper left of each bill, along with the phone number.

Please send Tax Certification requests to

Fees: $15.00 per parcel, and bill copies are $2.00 per parcel.

Checks with incorrect amount(s) will be returned.

Returned checks: As per Ordinance 46-2.-FEES are the fee charged by the bank, currently $12.00 + plus $25.00 = $37.00, payable to Andrea L Vonada.

Parcel owners are responsible for paying the correct amount. Tax Collectors are only authorized to accept exact amounts based on when the payment is received. There are three payment dates and amounts on each bill:


DISCOUNT PERIOD: IF PAID BY APRIL 30 –2% PAY                        $X

FACE PERIOD: FROM MAY 1 THRU JUNE 30 PAY                             $X

PENALTY PERIOD: ON OR AFTER JULY 1 +10% PAY                       $X



DISCOUNT PERIOD: IF PAID BY SEPT 15 –2% PAY                           $X

FACE PERIOD: FROM SEPT 16 THRU NOV 15 PAY                            $X

PENALTY PERIOD: ON OR AFTER NOV 16 +10% PAY                      $X

INSTALLMENT OPTION DUE DATES: AUG 15, OCT 16, NOV 15. If paying by installment, the first installment must be received by AUG 15. Installment option applies no discount, tax amounts are paid at “FACE”.

All Real Estate Taxes are due to the Tax Collector by DEC 31. Unpaid tax bills are returned each year to the Centre County Tax Assessment Office for collections and penalties apply.


Payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Check or Money Order, payable to “Haines Twp. Tax Collector, Andrea Vonada.”
  • Visa, MasterCard & Discover see below for more information:

Credit Card Payments: Visa, MasterCard & Discover are processed by PayGov, LLC. Two charges will appear on your credit card or bank statement. One for the Tax paid, and the other for the convenience fee assessed by PayGOV.US and will reflect “Convenience Fee” on your statement. The fee is 3% of the total charged with a minimum of $1.00. If you include your email address, you will receive an emailed receipt from PayGov.US.

IF UNDERPAID, the payment will be denied, and will be reflected on your statement several days after the payment date, depending on the type of card. The 3% or minimum $1.00 fee will be a separate charge and applies even if the payment is denied because you paid the wrong amount.

IF OVERPAID, the payment will be adjusted down and approved, and will be reflected on your statement several days after the payment date, depending on the type of card. The 3% or minimum $1.00 fee will be a separate charge on your statement.


Ways to Pay:

As per Local Tax Collection Law, “where payment is made by mail (or in the lock/drop box), a receipt is required only when the taxpayer encloses with the payment a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for the return of the receipt.” Thank you.

              Earned Income Tax Collector

                           Centre Tax Agency
                            Jacqui Fuge, Tax Administrator
                           243 South Allen Street
                           PO Box 437
                           State College PA 16804-0437

                           Phone Number: (814) 234-7120
                           Fax Number: (814) 234-7148
                           Email: Email Centre Tax Agency 

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                           Hours of Operation
                           Monday through Friday
                           8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                           (Excluding Holidays)